Can I Help?

We appreciate your interest in how you can support Weigh In Radio.

It means the world to me that your taking that extra time to figure out how you can help us support our mission.

Please know we appreciate your support at any level. Our listeners are very important to us.

We strive with each episode we put out to continue to make the show that much better. With your feedback and assistance I believe Weigh In Radio has the potential to change lives.

As your host, I’m simply one man, with one story, and it’s easy for me to fade into the shadows…

As a whole… as a collective unit… I believe we can change the world, if even but only for a single person. If that person just happens you to be you… well even better!

Please, help me help others, and here are just a few ways you can continue to do that.







1) Continue Listening:

Continued downloads of our podcast and active listener support is by far one of the best and easiest ways a listener can provide us support.  It’s an effective way to let us know that we are making a difference in your life and that what we are doing here matters. Keep listening, keep providing feedback, and help us make Weigh In Radio that much better for everyone!








2) Out Reach:

Email us, Tweet us, message us, leave a comment on our you tube channel, send us an Instagram post.  We would LOVE to hear from you. Let us know what we can do to make the show even better. I love hearing from listeners. It’s like Christmas every day when I get communication from listeners.

” Who is this, and what do they have to day?” … I love exchanging dialogue and learning from you all, so please, reach out. It really does help make the show better.







3) Share Us on Social Media:

Take the time to share us on social media. Spread the word that we exist, vote our podcast up in iTunes, or through your other podcast listener app and help us get to the top of the chart and stay there. Any exposure or advertising we can get, with your assistance, we will take. It really does help.  The more traffic we can draw to the site, and the more active listeners we have, the larger the collective whole and the greater the impact we can make. Help us help others by simply letting people know we exist.

We are on our Podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Here… so please tell others where they can find us!






4) Join Us On-Air an tell your Story

Another HUGE way you can support our cause is to join us on-air and tell others your story. This might seem easy, but for some this is an incredibly challenging ask of us. Not everyone is up to the challenge and this can be a very scary and intimidating process for some. I want you to know that I understand, and I’m absolutely willing to work with you to get your goal of being on-air a reality if you wish. My goal for any guest that joins us on the show is to make them feel at home and like they are simply talking to an old friend.

I can tell you first hand, inspiring others is incredibly powerful for both you and our listeners. It’s your stories that connect our listeners to this show. Your story has the power to grab a listener and allow them to say, “That’s Me!”… that’s exactly what I am going through, this makes sense to me.

If you want to join us on-air, the process starts by filling out a form an making a request to join us on-air. Simply click the “Join Us On-Air” button at the top of the page, or Click here to get started.







5) Did I miss something? :

Do you feel you can contribute or support us in a way I’ve not described? Please… reach out to me and let me know. I’d be happy to discuss your ideas and concepts with you and if we can make it work, let’s do it. I’m always willing to interact with listeners on how I can make the show better, and if there is a way you can help me with that, lets chat.






To all of our listeners and fans out there who do contribute to making this vision better, I say thank You.  We appreciate all of your love and support regardless of how you do it.  I believe in the butterfly effect. No matter how large or how small ones action is deemed to have been, it still has an impact. I appreciate your personal impact to our show and my mission and will continue to do everything I can to make you proud.

Thank You for sharing in my vision and in helping me help others.

My vision would be extremely difficult to pull off without you and I want you to know that I see that.

I appreciate you as a human being and what you have to offer society and I Thank You for joining me on this journey. I need your help and I’m blessed to have it.  Thank You!