Method Used: Bariatric Surgery (VSG / 2017)

Ed Zenisek is a writer, programmer, video gamer, and world champion couch potato. Senior web developer at New Mexico State University by day and aspiring humorist by night, Ed spends his free time with friends, family, and an old Ford truck. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and has worked in the information technology field for over fifteen years, where his skills as a writer and presenter are mostly wasted. He met his wife, Amanda, in Alamogordo, and they now live in Las Cruces, New Mexico with a couple of dogs and a flock of chickens.

Ed, aka Fast Eddy, has spent most of his life overweight. Often calling himself ‘The Token Fat Guy,’ he always felt his weight was just part of his persona. That began to change as health problems started to surface. Ed and his wife each underwent bariatric surgery in late 2017, and, by all accounts, it was a harrowing experience. Thankfully the surgeries were successful and Ed is slowly but steadily losing the weight he’s carried his entire life.

Ed prides himself on his writing and speaking ability. In 2016, he gave a talk at NMSU’s Launch competition, and his fiery presentation won first place with a $25,000 prize for his department. His casino tell-all book “EGDSecrets: Reel Truth, Right from the Source,” written under the pseudonym Mark Vincent, has sold over 10,000 copies in print, electronic, and audiobook formats.

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Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made

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October 1st, 2019 – S02E07 – Bariatric Sugery The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made