Heaviest Weight: 170 lbs/ 184 kg/ 29 stone

Most Weight Lost: 170 lbs/ 77 kg/ 12 stone

Method Used: Bariatric Surgery (RNY / 2017)

To Whom This May Concern:
My name is Mike, I am a Cancer Survivor, I Broke my Spine, and I AM A BARIATRIC SURGERY and WEIGHT LOSS CHAMPION!!!

At 406lbs my entire life revolved around food. If I was happy… I ate. If I was sad… I ate. Bored, tired, awake, stressed, excited, worried… I ate! I was simply a person stuck in a seriously unhealthy relationship with food. My weight was affecting me physically. I had high blood pressure, heart palpitations, early onset type 2 diabetes that caused sores that wouldn’t heal. My bones and joints hurt from simply existing. I had sleep apnea and slept horribly. I took multiple medicines every day for weight related issues.

Yet through bariatric surgery and a decision to finally get healthy all of that (and way more) is a thing of the past.

Now, I have lost a little over 170lbs from my heaviest both safely and very manageable.
However, what does 170lbs lost really translate to in my life??? Well, let me gladly introduce you to something we in the bariatric community call “Non Surgical Victories” (NSV’s)
170lbs is Twenty pant sizes. (56 to a size 36) Five shirt sizes (5XL to a XL). A entire Shoe Size. A complete hat size. I am also glad to announce. None of my old old clothes, hats, or sunglasses fit. My entire body shrunk, I went from a size 14 wedding ring to a size 10 and that is just a start of the greatness of losing weight. At 406lbs I could barely tie my shoes. I actually held my breath to tie my shoes! Frankly, I could sit here and spend the next 12 hours telling you how my life has changed for the better. That I actually have energy. I am no longer hindered by the extra weight. That I take absolutely no more weight related medications and have zero weight induced medical issues! But… Alas, I won’t waste your time (or mine) explaining all that. I will only tell you that Bariatric Surgery has absolutely, unequivocally, honestly changed my life in so many positive ways that it has made me a better Father, Husband, Friend, Brother, Son, and person.

Now, having lost such an incredible amount of weight and been as successful as I have on this bariatric journey… sometimes I get asked “Where do I wish to go from here?” Well, As someone who had bariatric surgery, broke their spine, and beat cancer!!! I will tell you that I only want to live every day to its fullest. That bariatric surgery helped me fulfill so much of my life’s dreams that I realize I am only getting started on actually living and loving my life. That because of bariatric surgery and finally getting my weight under control waking up healthy is like receiving a present every day!!!

If your thinking about Losing weight… If you have struggled to get the weight off… if you feel stuck… if you are morbidly obese…. Please, STOP and look into bariatric surgery…. ask about it… consider it… I have been super successful and you absolutely can too!!!


Episodes Guest Appeared In: (2)

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