Heaviest Weight: 350 lbs/ 159 kg/ 25 stone

Most Weight Lost: 160 lbs/ 73 kg/ 11 stone

Method Used: Bariatric Surgery (RNY / 2012)

Hi, my name is Nicole and I started my healthy lifestyle journey in May of 2011 when I decided enough was enough. I went to a weigh loss surgery (WLS)  information session and started the process of becoming approved for WLS. After six months of a medically managed diet, a lot of doctor appointments and information sessions, I had gastric bypass on Valentine’s Day 2012.

I’m a wife, an employee, a volunteer among other things, but really I’m just Nicole. I’m a mom of three rambunctious children. You’d think that was enough to keep me thin! A woman who struggles everyday with food addiction while striving to be my best, healthy self so I can continue my many roles in life. I was born and raised in the Catholic Faith and I am proud to be raising my children in the same faith. I believe that my strong religious beliefs have been a key part in my weight loss success. I pray daily, thank God for what He has given me and for giving me another day in my life- a life I want to keep. I also stay successful by being grateful each day for things I can now do that I used to struggle with or not be able to do at all. Having a grateful heart helps keep me in check.

Sometimes my faith and will power is not enough. That is when the next tool comes in handy, my gastric bypass surgery. It helps keep me in check even when I can’t and I don’t regret having surgery for even a second. It saved my life. Another successful tool I have is exercise. I go to the gym 6-7 mornings a week and focus on high-intensity training including strength, endurance, cardio, and flexibility. I work hard to keep my body in shape and I make no excuses of why I can’t go. I fight through pain, time restraints, and lack of sleep. It is a top priority in my life.

If I had to give a piece of advice, it would be that you have to believe in yourself. If I thought that when I was 160 pounds heavier that I would not be able to lose the weight that I needed to become healthy, I would not have been able to do it. I realized that I could do it, I just couldn’t do it alone and needed the WLS as a tool to help me. Everyone needs to figure out what they need to be successful. Keep in mind, your body can do anything- it’s your brain you need to convince!

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August 1st, 2018 – S01E03 – Nicole and I discuss her weight loss journey