Peer Support Network

If your looking for support from peers you have walked the walk and talked the talk, you have come to the right place.

What is the Peer Support Network?

Our listening audience is comprised of some amazing individuals,  who’ve agreed to volunteer their time on a regular basis to assist you. They are here to answer all of your questions, as they were once their questions as well. Our peers come from all walks of life, with various backgrounds, and varrying methods of success.  Some have used surgery, some have used traditional weight loss methods as well as some non-traditional methods to achieve their weight management and body image success.


What’s discussed in the peer support network?

Anything goes! It’s a beautiful place to relax, be stress free, and a judgement free zone where you can discuss anything weight loss or body image issue related with folks that know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes. Even if your just looking to chat with peers who understand who you are and the demons you battle, we encourage you to join. There is great power in having friends that get you, that understand you, and that will be honest with you. Being honest doesn’t mean always agreeing with you. Sometimes a does of tough love is what we need to get us back on track. Our peer support group is a great loving family of peers willing to help you through your struggles.

Is there anything we can’t discuss in group?

We are not medical processionals and we DO  NOT provide medical advice. Though advice can be given concerning medical procedures, and what surgical process involve and or are like, you should never take medical advice from any group like this. Always consult your physician or medical professional concerning any health related issue.

How do we access this peer support network?

We are currently using Facebook as our method of connecting with one another. It’s currently setup as “secret’ Facebook group, so no one will not be able to find it if you simply search for it. You will have to fill out the form below and asked to be added to the group. We do this to maintain confidentiality of the group as well as things discussed in the peer support network.

I can’t find the group on Facebook:

The group is a ‘secret” Facebook group so it’s not visible to anyone on Facebook unless you know it’s there. Some people don’t want others on Facebook to know they are members of a weight loss support group, or that they are researching weight loss surgery. This keeps the group and our discussion private to members-only access.

How do I get into the Facebook group?

Simply fill out the form below, and our peer support network administrators will get you added to the group.


Add me to the Peer Support Network Please!

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