Make Your Own Damn Cheese People!

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the maze of life, chasing down the next crumble of cheese? I know I have. Have you ever wondered if there is a better way? Well…. there is.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. John Chuback, a certified cardiovascular surgeon from New Jersey this past week. His personal interested and passion for motivating and inspiring people to change the way they think, inspired him to create the Chuback Education Center .

He’s spent years researching the mind, how it works, and why we do what we do. Why do we continue to grind, day after day, chasing the cheese in the maze of life when we contain within us all the ability to “Make Our Own Damn Cheese”?

He believes in these philosophies so much, that Dr. Chuback wrote a book, which he cleverly titled Make Your Own Damn Cheese! The book tells us a story, of a curious mouse named Earl who’s stuck in the maze of life chasing the cheese. Earl meets all sorts of other colorful characters in the maze who demonstrate to Earl that he contains within him the ability to stop racing the maze, chasing cheese, because he can make it himself.

I know myself, I’m tired of chasing the cheese. Realizing that your mind is the most powerful thing you posses can be a very empowering thing. Actively focusing on how you feel about yourself, and what direction your life is headed can absolutely impact your life in amazing ways.

Beginning the mental exercise of creating daily positive affirmations that directly tie in to goals you want to achieve in your life, will absolutely change your life. Change isn’t always easy. It may take years of hard work and dedication, and tough decisions to get you there, but consider this.

Even if it takes you 15 years to get there. How old will you be in that year, regardless if your goal is met or not? If you are 20 years old now, and it take you 15 years to get there, you will be 35 then. Regardless if you achieve your goal, you will still be 35 in that calendar year.

ITS UP TO YOU, if in that year, you have achieved the goal you set out to achieve. The time it takes to get there is irrelevant. Life is about dreaming, and chasing those dreams and making choices in your life that will set you on the path to achieve those dreams.

Shoot for the moon people and collect those stars one at a time on your journey there!

Available on Amazon: Make Your Own Damn Cheese

Look for Dr. Chuback’s conversation with me to air on the podcast in January of 2020! I can’t think of a better way to start out the New Year then sharing his conversation with me to help you understand how you can change how you look at life, which will give you a renewed outlook on making measurable change in your life.

Make Your Own Damn Cheese people! Quit chasing the cheese.