#029 – Kate Fuss and Bariatric Help

As a bariatric patient who’s 4+ years out, weight regain is normal and expected.

Resetting ones life and eating patterns to lose that weight is not easy however.

Kate joined me in studio and we discussed what asking for help again looks like.

What things can I do to get “back on track”. 

What barriers stand in my way?

Am I truely alone, floating in a sea of nothing ness with no wear to turn?

Kate helped me “level set” and I hope you find the information just as helpful as I did. 

If you are stuck, dont know how to get back on track, and are wanting to know where to begin, give this episode a listen. 

Kate Fuss, PA-C, CSOWM, MMS

Kate has over 10 years of clinical and operative experience in Bariatrics, General, Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. She is additionally Board Certified as a Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management. Her passion lies in serving weight loss surgery patients throughout their entire operative journey and believes that patient success lies in strong support, connection, and education. She carries a special interest in supporting bariatric patients struggling with post-operative weight regain through Banana Bariatrics. Career aside, Kate is a mom to a little girl and enjoys traveling the world with her family to experience new cultures and cuisines.

What Is Banana Bariatrics?

Banana is a small & intimate online bariatric support community focused on helping weight loss surgery patients navigate weight regain and general struggles after bariatric surgery. Banana offers weekly support groups, educational courses, and family-style friendships with others on a similar health journey.

You can learn more by visiting: https://bananabariatrics.com/

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