Yes! We Are Back!

After almost 2 years of being off the air waves, we are back.

Even I couldn’t anticipate our break would of been that long. What began as a short break to focus on the ever changing world we were in at the time… has some how become the new normal. Not anticipating any changes in the near future, its time we return to the air waves and to get back to what was normal for us.

You will once again, begin to see new content airing monthly. Look for new episodes to drop on a regular basis in 2022. I’m happy to be back on air and in the drives seat as we once again have guests join us in studio to discuss their weight loss journey.

Check out the most recent episode to get a quick “State of the Podcast” update to get more info on where we are headed this year.

It’s time….. time… to Weigh In!

Don Moe