New Episodes Postponed

It’s with much thought and concern that I’m posting this today.

In-lieu of world events, at this time I’ve decided to postpone all scheduled podcast recordings. Yes, what we do is done remotely over the internet, but it’s in times like these I know you all have much greater concerns on your mind.

I myself have had difficulty traveling back to my home state to even get to my recording equipment.

Rather than, re-schedule guests individually at this time, I’ve decided to give these events time to pass, and we can look at rescheduling all of them as the fog begins to lift.

Please know that our guests are what make our pod-cast a reality. Without them, I have no show. I’m very eager to speak to each and every one of them. Their episodes will produce some amazing content for the podcast, and I hope my choice to postpone these episodes recording doesn’t negatively impact our guests choice to join us on air.

Please know our guests time is just as precious to us as it is you and I look forward to producing these new episodes as soon as time permits.

Please, take this time to be at home with your family and your loved ones and take care of one another.

I appreciate all that you do for us and WeighInRadio’s faithful listeners.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Don Moe