#007 – The True Cost of Surgery (Part 1 of 2)

I sat down with Casey and Matt to discuss what having bariatric surgery actually cost them.

What’s it like being married to someone who has the surgery? How does it change your married relationship? How does it change your relationships with friends, family members, children? How does sex compare both before and after weight loss surgery? Was cheating ever an issue?

In this episode we talk to Casey and Matt about their marriage before surgery to establish a baseline for how they met, and how their relationship begin. It will give you a good idea of what they were like before weight loss surgery changed things for them.

I believe it’s important you understand who they are and how they were before bariatric surgery entered the picture to truly see the effects the surgery had on their marriage.

In Episode #008, we will take a look at what changed, and what the ultimate price paid was. What had to be given up when the surgery was had? How did it change them as a couple, and how did it impact their relationships with others around them.