#009 – The Psychology of Weight Loss

This month Dr. Lisa Breisch, L.C.P.C., Psy.D., the Director of Harmony Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, joins us in studio to discuss the benefits regular therapy can provide in a weight loss plan.

Therapy isn’t just for patients battling eating disorders.

From the Psychology of why diets don’t work to how most folks
manipulate your body to lose weight, we talk everything psychology.

Here are a feqw of the other topics discussed in this episode:
– Food is neutral, Its neither good or bad
– How food can give us a sexual charge.
– Making Peace with your body.
– The Mind Body Spirit approach
– Who is a candidate for therapy?
– Therapy, the journey of self discovery
– Size Acceptance…Loving your body at no matter the size
– Dieting Up to a bigger size
– Chronic dieting and its impact on the body
– Even the size acceptance community can bully.
– The early days of weight loss surgery
– How do I get into therapy
– Exercise More, Eat Less! IT works!
– It’s important to Love Yourself.
– How to find a therapist
– Love is acceptance! Not judgement

If your interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Breisch, please feel free to give her a call today.

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