#010 – From Diabetic to Decadent Desserts

Janet joined us in studio to discuss how she used a combination of nutrition, bariatric surgery, and a passion for fitness to change her life. Facing a diagnosis of Diabetes after having watching her own father battle the disease for years, she decided she wasn’t going out that way.

She’s mastered the art of being self aware, and has figured out how to make some of the most decadent desserts healthy buy using creativity and little ingredient substitution. How does a smoked pizza sound? Looking for a sweet treat to take to that 4th of July holiday party? Well tune in as Janet shares a lot of her secrets with you in this episode.

From Piyo, to P90X, to Core DeForce, to behavior modification, Janet has dedicated her life into becoming a certified personal trainer so she can help others become successful on their weight loss journey.

Where there is a will there is a way!

If your interested in scheduling an appointment with Janet, please feel reach out to her today.

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