#011 – What Weight Loss Later in Life Can be.

Laurie joined us in studio to talk about what her weight loss struggles have been like.
As a woman who has battled weight loss most of her adult life, Laurie talked about everything from pregnancy weight gain, to how injuries in the gym have had her sidelined for a while. We even discussed how life after menopause has further complicated her weight loss progress.

Most days, Laurie struggles to maintain her weight in a world where she strongly desires to be losing weight.

Ladies, don’t miss this months episode as Laurie’s struggles sounded all to “par for the course” when it comes to challenges women face in battling weight loss.

Using only traditional diet and exercise, Laurie has shown that for some, this is a path that can be navigated and with success.
Never give up, always keep moving, and never be content with where you are.