#012 – Beyond Bariatric Surgery A Retrospective.

Michael joined us in studio to discuss what bariatric surgery is like almost 3 years later. We talked about how his life has changed, and what he has learned about his life looking back on it all.

Life can be difficult some days, and sometimes in life, people can tend to drag you down more than they lift you up. Michael discussed the importance of seeing these anchors for what they are and how he decided to handle them.

Him and I even discussed how we defined success after weight loss. As two males, we addressed some of the issues than men face when having the surgery, but importantly we discussed why even more men should look into having bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery isn’t for everyone, but if your considering it, give a listen to this months episode to get a good feel for what changes you can expect.

It’s always motivating and inspiring having Michael in studio. His analogies and comparisons of real life events put into perspective what life is really all about at the core