#013 – Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash

Author Ed Zenisek joined us remotely from Las Cruces, New Mexico to discuss his bariatric journey. Ed’s journey was such a wild ride that he decided to write a book about it.

Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made chronicles Ed and his wife’s journey into have the surgery together. From going on the pre-surgical diet together, to navigating the office gauntlet of paperwork and tests, be right there with Ed and his wife as they share with you their story of what having bariatric surgery is like.

Ed spoke with us candidly about how he came to be overweight, and how his struggles with weight started at an early age. From watching his father struggle with obesity, to watching complications from diabetes end his grandmothers life early, Ed fought to prevent diabetes and gout from complicating his health.

He spoke about how as a child, “Fast Eddy” wasn’t concerned about the future of Ed’s life. Those were problems for future fast Eddie, not Eddie today. When the time came to pay on that debt, the only thing Ed could do was to do something about his weight.

This episode is another mans tale of standing up to obesity and winning.

Author: Ed Zenisek


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