#014 – A Bariatric Journey Begins

This episode is the inaugural episode of a 25 part mini-series that will run over the course of the next year!

A Bariatric Journey, will document one woman’s struggle with weight, and her story into how bariatric surgery became her choice.

Kerry has agreed to let this podcast follow her life over the course of the next year while we walk, talk, and discuss her adventure into having bariatric surgery.

What was life like pre-surgery?

Why did she decide to have surgery?

What was surgery like?

What was recovery like?

What’s like like emotionally on any given day?

WeighInRadio will be there with her every step of the way, documenting her story.

In this episode, you get to meet Kerry and understand what her life was like growing up. What was it like for her growing up?

What were some of her struggles with weight and what kinds of things did she try on her own to lose weight.