#015 – Reeger Discusses the State of Obesity

Reeger Cortell – FNP-C from The Weight Loss Surgery Podcast joined me in studio this month to discuss the future of obesity and bariatric surgery.

Reeger has been in the trenches treating obesity one patient at a time as a certified family nurse practitioner since 2007. Her podcast, which she personally began in 2013 has helped thousands of people, including myself.

It was an honor to have her join us on air this month!

Here are just a few of of the high points from our discussion.

-Why medical terminology should not be a barrier to learning

-Bile Acid’s role as a hormone and it’s impact on obesity

-How does bile acid impact the treatment of obesity.

-Do bariatric surgery patients have bile acid?

-What are some of the key struggles she see’s in patients that are in the maintenance phase of weight loss.

-Shames impact on your treatment and success

-Obesity as a chronic, incurable disease with a high rate of recurrence.

-Working to develop a treatment plan for weight loss success

-The role of medications can play to treat obesity

-Knowing you can’t lose weight until you stop gaining.

-Why should I take weight loss advice from a medical provider who’s never struggled with obesity.

-Can people be addicted to food.

-How to easily determine if you have a problem with food.

-How your body / brain consumes carbs as fuel.

-What to do if you find yourself struggling.

-How food addiction is different than other addiction models.

-New bariatric surgery procedures on the horizon.

-Bariatric Surgery among youth, is it the future?

If you are looking for another podcast to educate, motivate, and support you on your weight loss journey, please add The Weight Loss Surgery Podcast into your rotation!