#018 – A Bariatric Journey – Pre-Surgery

Kerry and I chat this week about what her final preparations for bariatric surgery recovery is all about. What things is she worried about, looking forward to, and finally preparing for.

Her surgery date is a few weeks away, and how is she preparing.

  • How much is she exercising
  • Has she had an moments of mental doubt?
  • Elective surgery vs required procedure… How does she view it.
  • Surgery risks, is it worth the risk?
  • Pros vs Cons of surgery and of not having surgery.
  • Whats her biggest fear going into surgery?
  • The stress of fitting in with others post-op
  • What’s the “True-Cost of Bariatric Surgery“?
  • What does surgery give you that you won’t expect?
  • Will surgery will change who you are. Yes or No?
  • The things you will find after surgery?
  • Transfer addiction… is she worried?

If you have ever wondered what the days and hours leading up to bariatric surgery are like, don’t miss our conversation.