#019 – Make Resolutions Stick

Tired of making New Years resolutions and then breaking them before March?

In this episode Dr. John Chuback joined me on air to discuss how to change ones perspective on life and how they view whats a priority in their life. We often get stuck running in the maze of life and we often forget that we don’t even need to run the maze at all. 

Dr. Chuback wrote a book titled “Make Your Own Damn Cheese” and its a about a mouse named Earl. Earl meets all sorts of friends in the maze that help him understand that instead of running through the maze searching for scraps of cheese, Earl can make his own damn cheese. 

We too can make our own damn cheese in life, and this can help us avoid running the maze all together. 

Forget making New Years resolutions this year.  Join me in changing the way we look at life all together and never need a resolution ever again. 

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