#020 – Reversing Regain

Regain happens to almost everyone that loses weight. Weight was designed to fluctuate, and when old habits creep back in, weight can tend to increase. 

With it can come a wave of negative emotion, which can cause some of us to eat even more, causing us to put on even more weight. 

So how do we stop the merry-go-round cycle of weight regain?

Give a listen to my conversation with Marilyn Clark. Shes a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and someone who battles with weight-loss herself. 

We spoke about the “Why” it happens, and the “How” it makes us feel, but more importantly she gave some great tips and tricks on “How” we can make some small incremental changes that can impact our mental outlook, tipping the scales back into our favor. 

If you enjoy the episode and your looking for some life coaching or some nutrition coaching, you can connect with Marilyn personally at: